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"homework" *tired zombie noises*

"studying" *sad zombie noises*

"responsibilities" *disgusted zombie noises*

"internet" *happy zombie noises*

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These are still kind of ‘raw’ in terms of my process with my images but since I’m waiting, I might as well put a few up (going to do a video with the frames shortly anyway).

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Japanese Onomatopoeia Words~

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Metalosis Maligna is a fake disease invented by award-winning Dutch filmmaker Floris Kaayk.

According to the mockumentary, Metalosis Maligna occurs when a metal implant has a bad interaction with human body tissues, causing the metal to grow tendrils that eventually puncture the skin from within and destroy it.

I was skimming through the video at first not knowing it was a mockumentary and landed on the part of the man in bed. I nearly died. 


This is intensely creepy. Watch it.

Especially the ending, where the metal takes over his body

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家のペット - House Pets

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